Peace and Tranquillity Lodge No 5766
(Consecrated 20th February 1939)

Grand Vice Patron of
Royal Masonic Hospital

Grand Patron of the Royal
Masonic Benevolent Institution

Grand Patron of the New
Masonic Samaritan Fund

Vice Patron Lodge of
Royal Masonic Institution

Royal Masonic Benevolent
Institution Bronze Certificate

Vice Patron Lodge of the
Cyber Knife Appeal

Foundation Lodge of the
London Air Ambulance Appeal
Worshipful Master
Worshipful Brother Fazil Ali

Secretary W.Bro. Thomas Laker

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Welcome to the Peace and Tranquillity Lodge website

Milford Hall, Salisbury
12th-14th October

Festival Secretary - email

The Regular Meetings of the Lodge are held on the second Tuesday in February (Installation), fourth Tuesday in May, second Tuesday in October and first Thursday in December at The Churchill Rooms, 42 Ilford Hill, Ilford, Essex IG11 2AT.

The Lodge of Instruction meets at the Churchill Rooms under the Preceptor, W.Bro. Roy Page SLGR. Dates can be obtained from W.Bro. David E. Frost (Sec LOI) (020 8591 9462)

The Quarterly Communications of Grand Lodge are held on the second Wednesday in March, June, September & December. The Worshipful Master and his Wardens are expected to attend and all subscribing Past Masters are eligible to attend.

This Lodge is a subscribing member of the Correspondence Circle of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge, all members who have reached the Sublime Degree of Master Mason are invited to attend their meetings and listen to the lectures and discussion which follow.

Particulars from W.Bro. Secretary email:

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Brethren are requested to advise the Almoner or Secreatry should they have information as to illness, distress or bereavement concerning any member of the Lodge.

Annual subscriptions become due on the 1st January, and members are reminded that they are not in good standing until these and any arrears have been paid.

Acceptance of office in the Lodge is considered as an undertaking on the part of the Brother concerned to discharge faithfully the duties of that office and to advance his knowledge of Masonry with intent to progress eventually to the Master's Chair and beyond.

Brethren wishing to borrow books or donate books on Freemasonry, please contact the W.Bro. Ron Jones or W.Bro. David E. Frost

Date last updated 26/02/2019