Peace and Tranquillity Lodge No 5766
(Consecrated 20th February 1939)

Grand Vice Patron of
Royal Masonic Hospital

Grand Patron of the Royal
Masonic Benevolent Institution

Grand Patron of the New
Masonic Samaritan Fund

Vice Patron Lodge of
Royal Masonic Institution

Royal Masonic Benevolent
Institution Bronze Certificate

Vice Patron Lodge of the
Cyber Knife Appeal

Foundation Lodge of the
London Air Ambulance Appeal
Worshipful Master
Worshipful Brother Fazil Ali

Secretary W.Bro. Thomas Laker

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Charity is one of the cornerstones of Freemasonry and every year the Masonic Grand Charity gives million of pounds to various charities.

If you are interested in how much and to whom the donations are made go the the Grand Charity website at

We operate our charitable donations under the Grand Charity Relief Chest Scheme where we can Gift Aid our donations and get a contribution from HMRC of 25% of the donation where the donor is UK taxpayer. A very worthwhile contribution and we encourage everyone to donate to our charities by this method.

Over the years Peace and Tranquillity have made donations on their own behalf to a number of charities - here is a list of donations made since 2009.

The charities to be supported in 2016/2017 are:
Stroke Association, MacMillan Cancer Nurses,
MMC Appeal for London's Air Ambulance

FUNDS RAISED since 2009

2390.18 raised
Cancer Research

1755.80 raised
Stroke Association
MacMillan Cancer Relief
Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

2467.21 raised
Stroke Association
Cancer Research
Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution
Richard House (Childrens Hospice)
Cyberknife Appeal


2206.26 raised
Stroke Association
Cancer Research
The Kidney Patients' Association in memory of Ivy McCarthy
MacMillan Cancer Relief


1969.10 raised
Stroke Association
Diabetes UK
Help for Heroes
MMC Cyberknife / CT Scanner Appeal


3474.83 raised
Stroke Association
MMC Cyberknife / CT Scanner Appeal
Carers Trust Cambridgeshire - Dementia Support - in memory of Doreen Jones
District Nurse Charitable Trust Fund - in memory of Doreen Jones
British Heart Foundation


1949.85 raised
Stroke Association
British Heart Foundation
MMC London Air Ambulance Appeal
Alzheimer's Society


2083.52 raised
Stroke Association
Macmillan Nurses
MMC London Air Ambulance Appeal
Lifelite Chrismas Appeal


3280.58 raised
Stroke Association
Alzheimer's Society
MMC Appeal London Fire Brigade
Grand Charity
King George & Queens Hospitals Charity in memory of Mary Larkin


Stroke Association
MMC Appeal London Fire Brigade
Cancer Research in Memory of Joan Sinden

Need a Charity Box for any spare change at the end of the day?

Talk to our Charity Steward who will supply you with a box.

Full boxes should be handed back to the Charity Steward who will give you an account of how much the box contained and will then forward the donation to the Grand Charity on behalf of the Lodge.

Thank you all for your support.