Peace and Tranquillity Lodge No 5766
(Consecrated 20th February 1939)

Grand Vice Patron of
Royal Masonic Hospital

Grand Patron of the Royal
Masonic Benevolent Institution

Grand Patron of the New
Masonic Samaritan Fund

Vice Patron Lodge of
Royal Masonic Institution

Royal Masonic Benevolent
Institution Bronze Certificate

Vice Patron Lodge of the
Cyber Knife Appeal

Foundation Lodge of the
London Air Ambulance Appeal
Worshipful Master
Worshipful Brother Fazil Ali

Secretary W.Bro. Thomas Laker

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January 15th 2019 LOI AGM/Committee Chigwell
January 29th 2019 Officers' Night Chigwell
February 12th 2019 Lodge Meeting Chingford
February 26th 2019 LOI Chigwell
March 12th 2019 LOI Chigwell
March 26th 2019 LOI Chigwell
April 9th 2019 Committee Chigwell
April 23th 2019 Officers' Night Chigwell
May 7th 2019 Lodge Meeting Chingford
May 21st 2019 LOI Chigwell
Jun 4th 2019 LOI Chigwell
Aug 20th 2019 LOI Chigwell
Sep 3rd 2019 Committee Chigwell
Sep 17 2019 Officers' Night Chigwell
Oct 1 2019 Lodge Meeting Chingford
Oct 15th 2019 LOI Chigwell
Oct 29th 2019 LOI Chigwell
Nov 12th 2019 LOI Chigwell
Nov 26th 2019 Committee Chigwell
Dec 3rd 2019 Officers' Night Chigwell
Dec 17th 2019 Lodge Meeting Chingford

This schedule is accurate at the time of production and is subject to change over this period of time subject to the needs of the Lodge and Worshipful Master.